Kadmus Theatre Studio was founded by Bill Reichblum in 1991. After several years of the artistic quest for their identity, followed by the presentation of their first performance ‘The Ashes of Thebes’ in Denmark, Sweden and the United States, the company was invited to Bennington College, one of the most progressive artistic schools in the United States. Bill Reichblum joined the College in 1997 and was named Dean of the College. Kadmus cooperated with the College on a number of projects, including the presentation of Jerzy Grotowski. ‘The Revealed One’ is based on the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe has a reputation of a charlatan, rather than of an outstanding American writer. The author of short stories and philosophical treaties always lived on the border area between the real world and madness. He became a great inspiration for the works of Baudelaire and Artaud’s theories. The spectacle is built around the figure of Edgar Allan Poe, both in an artistic and physical sense. It offers a transposition of his works, imagination and spiritual struggle with the Demon of Perversion. The battle with himself, but also the extraordinary confrontation with God, constituted his attempts to touch the Absolute. The performing space is a metaphorical emptiness of mirrors. It is a strict world where anything may happen and does happen. Kadmus Theatre Studio s participation in the International Theatre Festival – Theatre Confrontations is underwritten by grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, New York, USA