The Rite of Spring is one of the most famous ballets in the world. Mikołajczyk and Bazan’s version brings out one element, the situation of sacrifice, when the sacrificed woman is exchanged for two sacrificed men. It may as well be that the two men are not the sacrifice but the ones who offer it, the boundary is fluid and barely noticeable. The motif of anticipation is inspired by “Waiting for Godot” by S. Beckett, where every attempt of making a sacrifice is futile because the things we are waiting for, the things we want and fight for will “never come anyway”. That is the drama of Mikołajczyk and Bazan’s “The Rite of Spring”. The repetitiveness that Becket was fascinated with and saw in the mechanism that rules the world, was transferred into the space of the event symbolically marked with 12 couches. A surprising meeting onstage of two of the most talented and original dancers brings a fascinating mixture of dance technique, experience and creation rarely seen on the Polish dance scene.
Mikołaj Mikołajczyk is a dancer and choreographer. Dancer at the Pantomime Theatre in Wrocław, the Polish Dance Theatre, Grand Theatre in Poznań, Badischestheater in Karlsruhe. He is the artistic director and the founder of the DNA Theatre – genetically encoded theatre, which belongs to the Opera in Szczecin. Tomasz Bazan is a dancer, director, choreographer, employee of the Centre for Culture in Lublin, director of the Maat Theatre Project as well as creator and artistic director of the international dance festival MAAT FESTIVAL.