Daisuke Yoshimoto is among the most outstanding butoh dancers in the world. He is one of four dancers who continue the tradition of Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata. Daisuke Yoshimoto has worked with Kazuo Ohno, Hisayo Iwaki and Shoji Kojima. He has performed in Holland, France, USA, Austria, Italy and other countries. Daisuke has been said that „while dancing he expresses deaths he has gone through (…), recollects the experience of funeral rituals, deeply hidden in our bodies.” [Kazutaka Nagi] Yoshimoto’s performances are unforgettable spectacles taking the audience into the world located on the borderline of night and day. They introduce us into the organic nature of movement, but also painterly qualities and unique combination of the elements of Eastern and Western culture. The production „The Body Ruins” is a story in which several figures appear, each of them emerging in the successive cycles of death and birth, giving birth to new forms. Yoshimoto presents his body in an extremely painterly and musical way, situated “on the boundary of darkness and light, night and day, childhood and old age”. [K. J. Pastusiak]