Formalny Theatre was founded in 1989. The name itself is not casual, on one hand, it points to new forms and trends in art, on the other, it is perverse and ironic since it show the company’s scepticism with respect to official and classical art. They are interested in the way of speaking, which was most strongly manifested in their earliest performances. They are not so much interested what us said in the theatre but how it is said, which one can also relate to the name of the company and pointing to a form. Things like a success or failure in confrontation with the audience or the audience do not seem to occupy the artists, they are concentrated on theatre as it is, theatre conceived of as a small microcosmos, the self-sufficient world. Owing to this original vision of the theatre the company got recognised also in the circles supporting the traditional approach to theatre. The group was awarded at the Russian Independent Theatre Festival which postioned it as a leading avant-garde theatre companies in Russia. However, the conception of Russian avant-garde is a relatively complicated phenomenon. Formal Theatre is fascinated by classical literature, applying their own specific methods working on it, looking for connections between tradition and avantgarde. Their pursuit within nacting is inspired by Konstanty Stanislavsky and Michail Czechov. ‘The School of Fools’ is an intriguing story about an inner life of a boy who suffers from double existence. The boy is locked within the four waqlls of a typical Soviet flat from the 50s, subjected to a cruel system of special school for handicapped children lives a double life of a boy and Nymph. The production is a deep experience and wonderful acting interpretation, a wonderful story about imagination, tenderness, joy and hope in a dreamlike atmosphere.