The very selection of the text is extremely significant for the director. Creating his performance Nekroaius did not concentrate on its plot, action or cause-effect relations, but looked for the most intense emotions and succeeded in presenting them as a musical structure. However, you cannot define Nekroaius theatre as being irrational for it is derived from the insightful understanding of the nature of the world, also this real, physical and sensual world. The strength of his Shakespearian productions consisted in the power of man and nature inscribed into great symbols. In this production the most wonderful Biblical matter strikes with its powerful realism not deprived of erotic allusions and the strength of a symbolic abstract. It is a beautiful theatrical song, full of dramatic tensions and lyricism. For Nekroaius a starting point was not so much a word and symbol which The Song of Songs is itself, but an event, inner tension. As a matter of fact, in this performance there is neither King Salomon nor his beloved. There is only man and woman who discover and love each other passionately.