The Theatre of the Eighth Day is one of the best known Polish alternative theatres. It was founded in Poznań in 1964 by students of Adam Mickiewicz University. Soon the performances of the theatre became a significant statement for both the generation and theatre. At the first Theatre Confrontations in 1996, Janusz Majcherek gave Ewa Wójciak a unique title “alternatissima”.

Here is the modern ritual, the perversive ritual dominance, of possessing power, of being risen above the ordinary; the ritual of wealth, the absurd human self-admiration of a man elevated by power and money. The Summit is a meeting of Mandarins, of the Leading Mutants, figures from the contemporary Olimp; the borderland for power and great revue; it is a big feast on top of the world where crumbs form the masters’ table are thrown to the hungry of this world.
What happens when the balance is thus shaken? What hides behind the abuse of power and money? What happens when Gods die? What can stop this and whose voice can reach the top? Is the fragile silhouette of a boy carrying shopping bags – who stood alone in front of tanks on the Tiananmen Square – the only precious heritage left for us by the passing Century; the century of cruel totalitarianism and hubris?

Theatre of the Eighth Day