Tomasz Stańko is one of the most widely recognized and highly appreciated jazz musicians, both by the audience and critics. According to some experts he is the only jazz musician from ‘the old continent’ who was capable of understanding Ornette Coleman’s free jazz and translating it into his own personal language. Stańko has toured all over the world, performed almost everywhere, played and recorded with the most outstanding European and American jazzmen including Don Cherry, Jan Garbarek, Cecil Taylor, Dino Saluzzi, Gary Peacock, Dave Holland, Edie Gomez, John Surman. Throughout thirty-eight years of his jazz career he has realized many exceptional creative projects, holding spellbound even those uninitiated in jazz music by his charismatic personality and characteristic sound of his trumpet, so easily recognized. Stańko’s most recent , highly acclaimed records, ‘Litania’ and ‘From the Green Hill’, were met with terrific response of the press outside Poland, receiving many enthusiastic reviews worldwide. A few years ago Stanko invited ‘Simple Acoustic’ trio to cooperate with him on a constant basis. In spite of being young musicians they are one of the best groups playing acoustic jazz in Poland, which is proved by the awards won at international jazz festivals in Germany, Spain and France. The outstanding jazz artist, Tomasz Stañko with his magic trumpet and the young ‘angry’ musicians create refined music of abundant sound and electrifying climate. The opening concert of ‘Theatre Confrontations’, the 6th International Theatre Festival is going to be an extraordinary artistic experience. ‘ The Voices of Poets’, the archival recordings of the Polish Radio, commissioned by the NN Theatre will be incorporated into music. A combination of these recordings and the remarkable aura of Stañko’s music will generate the atmosphere of the evening.