This production gained incredible recognition at the Łódz Theatre Encounters Festival. It was awarded a prize for the best commentary on the present day reality by the Editors of Uncompromising Festival Newspaper. Tra-ta-ta is a formally sharp, painful and agonizingly modern production. It is an accusation and uncompromising diagnosis of our times, attacking the audience at every level, and not allowing any space for indifference. Being bitter, vulgar and true, it influences our emotions and inclines us to uncomfortable reflections. The performance can rouse our indignation, but at the same time it makes us think and reflect. The company was not afraid of employing strong means of expression and strong language. Their brutality is not their style; it is a desperate voice of their generation. “Debasement, barbarity, the fall of man and humankind – these subjects are extremely powerful and poignant. It is not often we are given a chance to come across them in theatre. Who, being fully aware of operating on a thin border which can lead to triviality, has enough courage to discuss them?” – ask the critics