The last, unfinished opera by Giaccomo Puccini is a story of a Chinese princess Turandot who kills the suitors that are not able to solve her riddles. In the character of the eccentric prince Kalaf, Passini brings into the performance the composer himself. Puccini, in New York hailed the most famous man in the world, the owner of 17 cars and a couple of hundred million dollars, knows that he is dying of larynx cancer. For many years the artist has lived with a trauma, after his servant, Doria Manfredi, committed suicide having been accused of an affair with the Maestro. The autopsy, however, revealed that Doria had remained a virgin. From that moment on, Puccini introduces into his operas prostitutes, geishas and mistresses, who kill themselves, while performing an unbearably moving solo. Therefore, along the cold princess Turandot, the slave Liu appears onstage, naturally to take her own life. And to sing. The aria she sings before her death is the last one Puccini will have ever written. He will wake up in China where the official language is sign language. In the kingdom, where Turandot lives, cruelty and time are measured differently. In the cries of the tortured, that’s where the princess and Puccini look for a formula for a love note.
neTTheatre – first Web theatre in the world founded by Paweł Passini and the Chorea Theatre Association. It presents its performances in real space and online, inviting the viewers to contribute to its musical and visual layer, exploring the interactivity of theatre. In 2009 neTTheatre commenced with their activity in Lublin as part of the Centre for Culture and the Centralny Theatre. They explore the techniques of applying new media to performing arts.