Inspired by the biography of lawyer Juliusz Wójciak and Jan Suwart, the participant of the June 1956 Poznań events (Poznań 1956 protests), the Theatre of the Eighth Day, using the genre of the theatre documentary, attempts to voice the ambiguities of the road to our shared social identity. The creators of “Two Dissimilar Stories” (“Dwie niepodobne historie”) aim also to talk about friendship that came into being because the paths of two fathers crossed in the seminal year of 1956, about parents typified by Marxist and anarchic backgrounds, about Polish and Jewish communists and about the road towards the Church their children took in the times defined by Solidarity (Solidarność). Not to mention the confused and equivocal history of Poland as well as the fascination complications that unexpectedly give rise to the sense of communality.

The play uses fragments of archival recordings collected by the Polish Radio – Poznań Regional Branch – Radio Mercury JSC (Polskie Radio – Regionalna Rozgłośnia w Poznaniu – Radio Merkury Spółka Akcyjna)