Varg is the stage name of Jonas Rönnberg – a leading representative of the Scandinavian independent electronic scene, famous for his experimental techno and dark ambient releases. Together with Anthony Linell (Abdulla Rashim) he runs a well-respected label Northern Electronics in Stokholm. He’s also engaged in close cooperation with Posh Isolation, an experimental label from Denmark. Varg is a that Rönnberg devotes most of his attention to. Early releases were dark and foggy intelligent techno. Over the last years Varg has been consistently developing his aesthetics by launching more and more ambitious projects under his alias.
In 2016 he launched a now acclaimed Nordic Flora series. In its third iteration, “Gore-Tex City” which came out in 2017, he introduced vocals and even more unexpected pop elements. Last year, one of the most important festivals of ambitious electronics, Berlin Atonal, appreciated the versatile nature of VARG’s music by giving him the main stage at its disposal on the last day of the festival. He comes to Lublin with his latest, fifth release from the Nordic Flora series – “Crush”, which expands on the themes of the unusual series and is its culmination.

VARG’s concert will be preceded by Feral Rite live act