Theatre Porywacze Ciał was founded eight years ago. Each of the company’s performances is a puzzle, at the same time inscribing into the consequently constructed theatre world, developing along their line and trying to speak with their own language. Is it a language of the X generation? Is the company a voice of the generation? Ewa Obrębowska-Piasecka admits that that she has watched all their performances, starting with the first premiere in 1983:
‘I appreciate their consistent, very private theatre language, their talent in building the stage reality, unquestionable acting skills. I even feel jealous about those who can identify with their performances (for they have ‘their’ theatre), watching where it will go. Although looking at the message they convey there is nothing to be jealous about. It is an empty and lonely world.’
The last premiere shows us again two people – a man and a woman, ‘people we know from the cinema, the pub round the corner, from this theatre’.
‘There are only actors on the stage. The theatre starts with them and can end there. There is no theatre without them. There are only people on the stage. There is no life without them. And after the performance as if more life is there.’