The Daska Theater has been founded in 1976. It is Croatia’s leading alternative scene representative.

They created a visual form of silence. They remain silent when others, obeying theatrical commandments, persistently shout

Peter Bercic.

“Waiting for Bread,” with Beckett’s echo in the background, is inspired by dark desperation, Godot, and children’s fairy tales about the Snow Queen and the Tin Soldier. It happens sometimes, but never fortunately, that a group of troubadours try to tell a story without ending and portray childish games of toy soldiers on fireplaces that suddenly trigger violence. Even the land of dolls will not save anything from the devastation of war and from little boys who will grow up to be killers

Lyn Gardner

The performance is a pearl of Daska’s specific poetics. Fun and bitterness, childish cheerfulness and a brilliant change of moods with which we had the pleasure of communing for years

“Novi List”