“Welcome to harder times. Polish capitalism, global crisis and visions of a better world ” by Przemysław Wielgosz is not only another voice in the debate on the present day, but also an attempt to go beyond its limitations. The author points out that the mainstream discourse has dangerously leaned in one direction, persuading us that the time has come for strong power and nationalism, that the policy of elevating corporate profit over the needs of people and the environment is the only rational one, and that in a country like Poland there is no place for rights. reproductive systems for women, and the only alternative to PiS rule may be a return to discredited neoliberalism.

From Islamophobia to the dispute over working hours, from the refugee crisis to decommunization, from robotization to the war in Afghanistan, from the financial crisis to intellectual property, from security obsession to historical politics and the climate catastrophe – these are the spectrum of topics that make up a critical analysis of the events of the second decades of the 21st century in Poland and in the world.