From a thriller to an operetta – it is how we can define the character of this production. This small-scale performance is a personal monodrama directed by Irena Jun with neat and professional elegance, so typical of her. The presence of a string quarter is not merely to accompany, but also ‘complement’ certain lines. The production is to be recommended for those who appreciate culture and creative power of words in theatre, who like listening to the sound of words, indulge in meanings and their ambiguities. – Janusz R.Kowalczyk comments – Gombrowicz’s oeuvre is all about the obsessive play of characters, the game of tearing away successive masks, disclosing the meaninglessness of conventions, emptiness of celebrated behaviour and rituals. (…) Irena Jun showed the complex intrigue, full of unexpected expressions and understatements respecting Gombrowicz’s text and his way of thinking. The unrestrained easiness with which the artist individualized the speech of the characters present at the dinner party, Countess,
Toothless Marchioness, Baron de Apfelbaum and narrator is remarkable.” Gombrowicz’s obsessive themes: his ‘self’ plunged in chaos, lips, escape, ‘me – not me’ dichotomy all sound intriguingly in this production. For there is no a better form for an actress who used to be a Beckett master.