„Hulajgęba” (Scam) aspires after discussing the degradation of modern man. Śmigasiewicz based his adaptation on Ferdydurke, another perspective being provided by Gombrowicz’s meditations from Diaries. Hero, a central character of the drama, a writer in his thirties, is “moved” to school and sent to a class of seventeenyear- olds. “Nobody notices that he is an adult – being a student he becomes an element of a school machine. He rents a room in a house belonging to the M³odziaks, a modern family, and experiences the manner of ‘Modernism’ and trendy aspiration after progress in a bourgeois family where appearances get mixed with lies. Fed up with it, he runs away to the country with his friend Miêtus. There he becomes a farm-hand, hoping to find sincerity, natural existence, and a real man. Alas, the country is also forged; even love between Józio and Zosia follows a typical scheme. The performance is made up of three scenes: the school, bourgeois family and village. There is no place for a true man anywhere.