“The Possessed based on Gombrowicz’s novel offers three hours of madness with two intervals for a cup of lemon balm. The production of Wałbrzych theatre is, first of all, selfaccelerating craziness, just being possessed, a balloon filled with grotesque and Ferdydurkian air. After the final part of the performance one feels a desire for even more Gombrowicz, more absurd and more helium to be able to giggle more at all that (…)” Wojciech Wojciechowski, “Nowa Siła Krytyczna”

“Garbaczewski’s performance is a three hour course without any vacant mileages or routine scenes. It is well balance from the point of view of acting. The director offers us a novel in motion, saturated with querries, doubts or constantly questioned decisions. “The Possessed” requires from the audience their patient participation, rewarded generously with the moments of theatrical illuminations and intellectual satisfaction (…)”
Marcin Kościelniak, www.tygodnik.onet.pl