The French company propose an unusual version of Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy. It results from their artistic objectives which focus on locating a place where a dramatic text and puppets come across each other. It is their way of expressing the truth about the world. Gombrowicz’s drama offers numerous connections of this provenience. The very figure of Yvonne is a puzzle; she is different from others in her physicality, whereas she is neither deformed nor ill. She can see, hear, talk and probably think. She is neither beautiful nor ugly and, in spite of all that, there is something in Yvonne which makes her existence unnoticeable. A puppet allows conveying this phenomenon because it does not impose its personality. Another noteworthy inspiration is an absurd as if taken straight from ‘Ubu Roi’ by Alfred Jarry. In Jarry’s drama the action takes place “in Poland that is nowhere”; the duchy of Burgundy does not exist, or – it exists always and everywhere, just like in a medieval moral play. The French artists attempt at expressing the entire complexity of Gombrowicz’s drama using simplified versions of hand puppets, the dynamics and flexibility of which can fulfill the requirements of this task. In their production they ask: Is Yvonne truly different? Or perhaps the so-called normal people are monsters? Perhaps the cruelty and sense of alienation is an ingredient of human nature?