Chechnya. Recollections over drinking. The deviated psyche of man ill with violence spiritually contaminated with war, incapable of functioning outside fear, cruelty and aggression. The Chechnya war veteran boasts with his dreadful actions carried on the occupied territories. He lives with a sense of constant danger and tries to evoke it in others. He attacks like a surrounded animal to anticipate the expected attack. The example of Chechnyan-Russian conflicts makes us think where the war slaughterers come from. Who are they? What makes man cease being man and change into a beast? However, there is the other, not less important aspect of war – the attitude of the civilians. Politics is for politicians, not for ordinary people as they have no influence on it – it is a usual justification. However, a question is to what an extent a lack of protest, silent consent determine the condition of modern world. Vladimir Zuyev (b.1976) is a young Russian poet, musician and playwright, vocialist and guitarist of „Meteofront”.