The idea of cooperation between Leszek Mądzik and Anna Maria Jopek on Woman’s Time came into being as a result of the artists’ mutual fascination with their creative output. Leszek Mądzik has brought his theatre world and unique visual sensitivity and Anna Maria Jopek has offered her compositional craft and her marvellous signature voice.

Time leaves its own imprint, feeding on all it engulfs, perceives and touches. It feats when it discreetly reaches the apogee of its aim. It triggers our grief, our compassion, and perhaps it also guides us towards the mystery that is our presence in his embrace. Visually and spiritually palpable, it leaves its mark on the image of a woman, emphasising its effects and significance in different seasons of a lifetime. Fascination with the body’s vitality yields to finding its beauty in every consecutive life phase. Confronted with reality, memory plates bear a new kind of expression, confirming us in our belief in the wondrous nature of the woman’s body and soul, as long as she is with us. The carousel of time that takes us all on a ride is fascinating in all its phases. This is the kind of ride I would like to share with Anna Maria, calling everyone present at his mystery as a witness.

Leszek Mądzik