Butoh workshop conducted by one of the greatest masters of this dance, Daisuke Yoshimoto from Japan, is a rare occasion to gain new experience in the technique of improvisation and stage presence. The class will guide the participants through the steps of discovering the practice of the metamorphosis of the body and reach the information hidden in its cellular memory. The workshop will focus on improvisations studying the organic character of movement and new forms of relation and interaction between the body and its surrounding. Classes with Daisuke Yoshimoto are something more that introduction to butoh. It is an exhilarating lesson of “the theatre of butoh” and creative transcending of one’s boundaries. Butoh is a unique dance, and, according to the master, the dancer should feel it rather than understand it, they should cut off thinking and simply “be”. To reach this stage Daisuke runs 5 kilometres every day (he used to run 10); three hours before the performance he does 300 press-ups and crunches. He does not eat almost anything on the day of the performance, so his muscles are visible. To dance butoh one must be physically fit, have control and knowledge of one’s body. That is what the master teaches to his friends (he does not accept the word student).