An innovatory form and splendid text. A bitter commentary on the anniversary of the first free election. For its protagonists – the musicians of Paktofonika, a legendary hip hop formation – freedom turned out to be a trap. Pisuk showed the drama of the heroes of transformation times who attempt at getting out of hopelessness. It is not another moving fairy-tale about “the good excluded”, but a radical story about the world in which the ones who do not fight go to the bottom. Having been based on facts, minutely documented and perfectly constructed, it discloses the inconsistencies of hip hop. On one hand, there are rebellious texts criticizing the system, on the other hand – dreams about career, money, expensive cars and other paraphernalia of success. Performative reading is an interdisciplinary event, compilation of text, actors’ improvisation, music and images, the elements of which infiltrate polyphonically and complement each other synchronically, evoking synesthetic experience.