Scena Theatre was founded in 1987, and almost from the beginning has been managed by Robert McNamara and Amy Schmidt. Their theatrical research aims at different directions, in quest for new forms of artistic expression. The company produces several performances a year, also running workshops and launching educational projects. Their range of interests spans from classical drama and theatre to contemporary European theatre. Scena Theatre cooperates with theatre companies from Central and Eastern Europe; Robert McNamara has been to the Gombrowicz Festival in Radom a number of times. The company was present at theatre festivals in Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia. The Women of Troy is their most memorable production, inspired by antiquity, but focused on modern times in the context of the Balkan conflict Scena Theatre will present the result of their encounter with Gombrowicz’s drama. Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy turns out to be the most universal theatrical piece as it is performed at the festival in four versions – German, French (puppet), Belarusian and American