3D Dance is a multimedia project that, with the use of images, sound and movement, refers to the problem of perception. It is an attempt to answer the questions about the way we perceive and comprehend not only a dance theatre performance but also the world that surrounds us. The problem addressed by the performance has been under discussion for a long time, but it still remains very interesting and relevant and potential for creative exploration will probably never be exhausted. The performance was chosen to take part in the Polish Dance Platform 2010 and Dance Union’2011 in London.
Barbara Bujakowska – independent dancer, she started her artistic path as a student of Ballet Studio at the Opera and Operetta in Kraków. She graduated from Preparatory First Program at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and the Institute for Dance Art A.Bruckner Universitat in Linz. She won the First Prize of the Polish National TV Programme “Dolina Kreatywna” as well as two scholarships of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Solo Projekt” and AAT.
Marcin Janus – an independent composer born in Kraków. He makes mostly electronic music, works also in the field of video and dance.