A Mystery – A Poem about the Place Empty space around the Lublin Castle is one of many places in this city, which can tell most about its history. For several hundred years the Jewish quarter was located there. The Nazis destroyed it during World War II, and majority of
its inhabitants were exterminated in concentration camps. The castle was a prison where several thousands people were killed. After the war the prison went into the hands of NKWD, A Mystery – Poem About the Place is a new artistic project realized by NN Theatre which relates to this very place, just like previous NN Theatre mysteries – ‘One Land – Two Temples, A Mystery of Szeroka Street’, and ‘A Mystery of Light and Darkness’ . It will take place in the open space around the castle, in the Castle Square and Zamkowa street. In the darkness the bell from the near church will start resounding, giving a sign to begin. The streets will be brought back to life again; people will speak…the inhabitants of the Jewish quarter, the Castle’s prisoners Taibele and her demon Tomasz Pietrasiewicz’s sensitivity as a director, Witold Dabrowski’s acting and live music contribute to showing the wisdom of Singer’s prose. The performance is as astonishing.as Taibele’s truth that there are secrets that your heart cannot say through your mouth. It is crystal pure in its ascetic simplicity.
A Molik

After the spectacle the musicians, Jaroslav Abramow and Bartlomiej Stanczyk, invite for a concert of klezmer music.