The butoh dance is a special form of the modern Japanese dance using both traditional forms of expression, strongly connected with the ritual, and contemporary dance forms. It evolved in the mid-fifties as a form of expression consisting in a specific kind of movement, referring to the spiritual life of Japan. It is a significant inspiration for contemporary theatre as a form of training and philosophy of theatre.
Atsushi Takenouchi is an extremely talented dancer. The butoh masters acknowledge his unusual skills and unique way of living in space. Atsushi Takenouchi travells throughout the world, approaching his journey as a sign of his participation in nature. Nature is an important element of his artistic vision of the world. He is capable of introducing harmony in what surrounds him with his dance and make the audience feel the primary life force, which transforms the differences between nations, races and religions in one prayer for peace.
Atushi Takenouchi performs in theatre halls and outdoors, which allows him to enter into communion with nature. He has danced in temples, ruins, places stigmatised with historical and religious atmosphere. The audience experiences the power of his dance in awakening such places, calling the spirits of nature.