Contemporary Byelorussian drama is an area on which this edition of Theatre Confrontations focuses. There will be read plays which were written in Byelorussia recently, but not published or performed due to various reasons, including political ones. Discussions with Byelorussian playwrights: Sergey Kovalov, Volga Gapieyeva, Pavel Priazhko and Konstanty Scieshyk will provide an opportunity to reflect on Byelorussian drama and offer
a rare chance of a direct encounter with the artists.
The Absent Drama project includes panel discussions on “Censorship and Cultural Taboo in Contemporary Theatre”. Its participants – theatre connoisseurs, playwrights, translators and critics will answer the questions asked by the audience and young artists.

October 5 | 1.30 p.m. | 
Between Politics and Absurd Theatre | chaired by Irina Lappo
Siegriej Kowalow The Return of a Starvelling , translated by Agnieszka Borowiec
Wolga Gapiejewa, Collector, translated Teresa Giedz
music by: Maks Wielwietow, performed by: „Racjonalna Dieta”
Programme – readings, meetings with authors and translators, discussion

October 6 | 1.30 p.m. | Klub Centrala
Byelorussian Drama in Russian | chaired by Andrzej Moskwin
Paweł Priażko, Serpentine, translated by: Karolina Niewiadomska
Konstantin Ścieszyk, Man-Woman-Gun, translated by Karolina Niewiadomska
Programme – readings, meetings with authors and translators, discussion