Happening and beginning. Invisible lines touch naked skin. With a promise of a purpose/they penetrate the space around you Where time continues and calls itself the broken time.

A fragment of ‘Antonia’, a poem by Leszek Bojanowski

This is a theatrically consistent production, although it is based only on the fragments of David Ives’ play All is the Timing’.(….) Following the avant-garde theatre patterns they are supplemented by the excerpts taken from other literary works and their texts. The company is not ascetic in its form, on the contrary it offers a complicated and impressive machine of stage design. This is a subtle production, filled with ambiguities provoking to mediate on.
Andrzej Molik

cast :
Katarzyna Abramowicz, Krzysztof Głębocki, Renata Szpak, Marek Woliñski