The performance prepared in Teatr Studio by “a young genius from Lithuania” was proclaimed one of the most important cultural events. The panel of the 34th Polish Review of Small Forms Theatres KONTRAPUNKT awarded the play the Prize of the Minister of Culture and Art for best performance, best stage setting and best collective acting. Maria Peszek who played the main role was awarded the Prize for Best Actress.
Piotr Gruszczyński described the Korsunovas’ play as “the lesson given to the Polish Theatre by the Lithuanian director; the lesson of theatrical skills and great imagination”. He also noticed Maria Peszek’s acting: “This young actress has many times signaled extraordinary acting talent that she kept hidden. The role in Korsunovas’ play is a real concert of acting. Maria Peszek managed to expose all Charms’ poetry and became a living poem killing the people every few minutes with her strange laughter that resembled the laughter of Colargol the Bear