‘Salomeia Rusiecka’ is a great concert in tribute to the Woman whose life starts from the scratch several times. Every love is for her the first and only love. Her soul, as if a tight string, hurts for everybody. The performance tells a story about the life of the renowned eighteenth century Byelarusian doctor and traveler, Salomeia Rusiecka. Her talent as a doctor led her to the harem of the Turkish Sultan Mustafa, then to the court of the wife of the Russian Tzar- Anna Ioanovna, to the court of the Austrian Emperor Karl V, to the courts of the Radzivills and Potockis, aristocratic families and many others born of noble blood. The production directed by one of the most unconventional and talented Ukrainian theatre directors, Andrei Bakirov was nd shown at theatre festivals in Ukraine and Belarus. At the 2 International Theatre Festival in Trabzon (Turkey) it was awarded Gold Diploma.

I was intrigued by the incompatibility of two cultures, a remarkable difference in the philosophy of life presented by two protagonists. At the same time there was something which brought together a naïve Turkish girl, Aishe and the experienced Byelorussian doctor, Salomeia. It was a fate of woman in the Epoch of Man comments S.Kavalou, the playwright.

The Brest Theatre of Drama and Music was founded in 1944. Its wide repertoire includes the world classical works and contemporary plays by Belarusian playwrights. The company works with Belarusian directors (R. Talipau, V.Grigolunas) as well as guest directors from abroad (C. Karpiñski Poland, A.Bakirov Ukraine). From 1996 the Brest Theatre of Drama and Music has offered a basis for the biggest and most prestigious festival in Belarus “White Tower”, the International Theatre Festival.