Brief Life Tasting is an evolution of the idea of the Theatre of Forms developed previously by the company. It refers to sinusoid, something constantly hitting, looping its course. Four chapels are four determinants of space. The points of static jumble with the points of movement and attempt at creating the illusion of the interior and exterior of human time. A real game, code of the functioning of arrangement is created. The illusion of an ideal machine gets generated. Two big figures, Shite and Waka, undertake their own, personal dialogue with a form in which they are enclosed. The drama between these two figures is a drama of the whole cosmos which surrounds them. The four Great Ballerinas, dominated by aging and fear, fight for beauty. The choreography refers to broadly approached Butoh dance techniques and inspiration with the tradition of Japanese No theatre by two dancers Tomasz Bazan and Sylwia Hanff.