Brutah – just as the genesis of this instrumental quartet was a chance encounter, his music is likewise created, unfettered by genre boundaries and style conventions. From the hustle and bustle of musical minds, sometimes long, more relaxed structures with a large element of improvisation emerge, and sometimes more compact, structured, with a groove firmly embedded in the center. It is difficult to clearly define the style of Brutah, but if you tried to imagine their sound, the precise rhythm section stands out, enriched with psychedelic, raw electric guitar parts and enriched with an acoustic element of the saxophone sound.

More than two years after the release of the first recordings, the second studio EP was released in August 2021. It is a step forward from turbulent, full of thematic twists to more concise but free compositions. It is also a summary of several years of activities and a turning point for both the team and the surrounding reality, which, waking up from the stagnation of pandemic stagnation, returns to the bustling everyday life.

Bruno Jasieński – drums

Hubert Woźniakowski – bass

Maciej Szwarc – electric guitar

Tadeusz Cieślak- tenor saxophone, flute, FX