Kana theatre company presents the performance which they started working on with the late Zygmunt Duczyński. Adam Geist, the protagonist of a drama by the German playwright Dei Loher is a man infected with sin, setting on a journey in quest for his identity, unconsciously committing successive crimes, hence asking a question on the unpredictability of human fate. “We watched a moving story about a man who wanders along the meanders of evil in his search for the meaning of life. He commits crimes, in spite of the fact that he continuously aspires towards light. Kana tells his story employing the language full of metaphors and understatements. Constructed with very limited means, the performance generates an impression of beautifully and wisely composed image the strength of which lies in its simplicity and asceticism (…)” [Magdalena Janowska, “Gazeta Pomorska online”]