Inspired by the Jewish dramatic legend by Shloyme An-Sky as the play directed by Paweł Passini may be, Artur Pałyga’s text draws not only on The Dybbuk but on the pre-war history of the Jewish community in Bielsko-Biała as well. Using the story of the unfulfilled love of Leah and Khanan, the creative team aims to re-kindle the ghosts of the past of Bielsko-Biała. These unfinished conversations, un-lived existences, un-derived pleasures, un-experienced sorrows, unfulfilled desires, and the entire world that did take place… something must have happened to all of them.

DyBBuk takes place in a modern city. In a city that could be something else. In the backyard at 63 11 Listopada Street, in 3 Maja Street in front of the non-existent synagogue. DyBBuk takes place also in a city out of time. In a subterranean synagogue underneath Krakowska Street, on the moon that looms large so much that the city is clearly visible from its surface, but also in Vatican where Jewish mystic Abulaphia attempts to convert the pontiff to Judaism, and in Salomon Halberstam’s flat near the Castle of the Sułkowski Family.

Evoking the world of yore, Paweł Passini does not create “an archeological performance.” He uses history to pose questions that are not historical: what is the world without the metaphysical, how to read signs – and what still constitutes signs? Why, in living in the world devoid of rules, do we long for order so much that we are willing to summon up the dybbuk if only to give rise to change. Is there still anybody left who will hear our prayers and provide us with fulfillment?

What is DyBBuk about? About the Jews, stifled potential, and absence. About longing for the sacred and about waiting. About the pogrom, rift, and renouncement. Wrong. Love is patient, love is kind. […] Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will [not] cease; where there are tongues, they will [not] be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will [not] pass away. For we know in part and prophesy in part.” DyBBuk is about love.

Kinga Kościak,

Artur Pałyga

Paweł Passini

El Bruzda

Katarzyna Łuszczyk

Daniel Słomiński, Paweł Passini

Ilona Lewandowska, Daria Polasik-Bułka, Jadwiga Grygierczyk, Oriana Soika, Marta Gzowska-Sawicka, Paweł Janyst, Michał Czaderna, Sławomir Miska, Mateusz Wojtasiński, Piotr Gajos, Rafał Sawicki, Kazimierz Czapla, Jerzy Dziedzic, Adam Myrczek, Grzegorz Sikora

11 March 2017