The original production of the creative team Mikulášek – Viceníková on the topic of actors’ life, playing and pretending. It is the theatre as a topic in itself. How many personalities can actors hold, and how they will bear the consequences? Is acting really a dream profession? Is the director always right? What is not allowed on stage? Why children and pets shouldn’t play in the theatre? These and many other notes from the backstage world of the theatre.

Meetings with the creators after the performance. Hosted by: Łukasz Drewniak and Wojciech Majcherek

„This original play of Theatre Na zábradlí has confirmed its position as the Theatre of the Year. Unprecedented team work of seven remarkable actors – as rare these days as seven Hamlets on one stage together. All of that enhanced by the stage design and costumes by Marek Cpin.”
Performance of the Year 2015 (Editors Poll) – Tomáš Suchánek, Divadelní noviny, 5.1.2016

All of the actors in this performance are able to show and represent bowels of their profession, their daily job, their art. It is remarkable look into own ranks. Maybe there can be found some visitors who will consider this play as belittling the “sacred and noble” mission of the theater. In this case Hamlets are unquestionably ruthless, they destroy this idea, and it is undoubtedly their main advantage.“
Jan Císař, Divadelní noviny, 24.11.2015