Teatr Akademia Ruchu was founded in the 70s. Since its very begriming it tries to combine the elements of the scenic action with a street performance. The actions of Akademia Ruche are a kind of scenic intervention into everyday reality of the city space. The Theatre uses both the scenic sign and in a properly enlarged scale, and the synthetic acting typical of a street performing theatre. It has always been a theatre keenly reacting to social events.
The actors from Academia describe their performance in this way:
Our play may be an expression of a given moment, a result of a direct reaction to a stimuli. It should change with passing of time, different space and social circumstances. It should be a living, changing resultant of the Group’s activity. The street is an area of a common, social experience so it is an ideal place for dealing with all social problems. The language of a street performance should include – in spite of the multidimensional nature of the performance – the basic elements easy to read for everybody. We should be transparent for the street in the same way the street is transparent to us.