The Pig Iron company performed at ‘Theatre Confrontations”in 2000, presenting two productions: „A Poet in New York” and „Gentlemen Volunteers”. They electrified the festival audience with their fresh approach to theatrical matter and unusual theatrical means. The young people from New York got imprinted in the memory of the Lublin audience. In the Year of Gombrowicz they return to the festival with their version of „The Possessed” They propose a very original interpretation – for they resign from the extraordinary force inherent in Gombrowicz’s language and base their version on a form and mechanisms of constructing ‘an interhuman situation. Gombrowicz’s novel, which he defined ironically as a novel for female cooks is, for them, a point of departure, an inspiration, more a philosophy of approaching people than a concrete story. The Pig Iron Theatre Company is capable of surprising us again. It is an extraordinary group of artists representing a new, fresh awareness of interrelations between literature and theatre, free from philological drawbacks.