kr39 is a combination of experimental music and traditional singing. The artists look for common elements in the music, rhythm and sound structures, retaining the distinctive character of both traditions. The concert will be built around ritual songs, that bring to mind the turning points in our lives, such as birth, wedding, death, celebrated in traditional cultures with the rites of passage. The songs will be interwoven with electro-acoustic elements and the sounds of everyday life. The “IN_BETWEEN” project is a result of collaboration with the “Crossroads” Centre and the Muzyka Kresów Foundation.

The Ensemble of the International School of Traditional Music was established in 1999 in Lublin by the Muzyka Kresów Foundation. Its founders and leaders are Jan Bernad and Monika Mamińska. The main goal of the ensemble is to maintain and continue the tradition of Polish traditional songs.

Jan Bernad – musician, composer, studies traditional culture. From 1974 to 1976 he collaborated with the Laboratorium Theatre in Wrocław. In 1977 he was among the first members of “Gardzienice” Theatre. In 1991 he founded the Muzyka Kresów Foundation in Lublin. Since September 2008 he is the artistic director of the Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads”.

Mateusz Bąkała – artist exploring the space of electroacoustic, experimental, noise, concrete music and field recordings.

Sebastian Mac – guitarist, playing experimental, electroacoustic music.