‘Joanna the Winged, a poetic musical is dedicated to one of the greatest poetesses, Joanna Kulmowa. In spite of the fact that she wrote poems, novels and fairy-tales for children we address this performance to teenagers. Joanna Kulmowa’s works are romantic, they speak to the young people searching passionately for their place in the world. ‘Don’t outgrow your dreams’, asks the poetess. The world of dreams make man a poet. The main objective of our performance is to set imagination in motion (…)

The spectacle is Joanna Kulmowa’s subcelestial dream, in which she asks herself, just like all of us, the most significant questions: who am I? what is time? does God exist? what happens after we die? what should we be for another man? You can see how these fundamental matters can be sung and danced by the actors – ‘subcelestial birds’ and try to find a lost child’in yourself, writes its director.