A great open-air spectacle inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth was called the reverse of the famous Carmen funebre since it discusses the same problem whereas not from a point of view of victims but murderers. Having been reduced as a literary text and reinforced in its theatrical plane, Macbeth’s story serves only as a pretext here. It is a platform of intense emotions and clear means; theatre conscious of its strength. There is no single academic vision or interpretation offered and it is the company’s strongest point. They show the complexity of the world and allow playing with images without introducing a sense of chaos. Macbeth is a man entangled in his own and others’ obsessions and signs, but at the same time responsible for his course of life and committed crimes. There is no thesis about the external sources of evil, although the extraordinary voice of Hekate resounds over this reality. Macbeth let himself be possessed; being diminished as a human being he allows Evil to grow. Evil grows, Man shrinks – it is a message conveyed beautifully in this production. It is a street theatre and the street has to become silent and still for the duration of the performance.