Oynf Veg Theatre first performed at the Lublin Festival in 1997. The company was set up in 1989, their artistic and educational work was inspired by an encounter with Gardzienice 25 years ago, back in 1981. In their theatrical work Onuf Veg Theatre combines original songs, history and music derived from remote places in Europe. They travel throughout the continent and perform in little theatre halls, churches, synagogues, villages and private houses. Krapp’s Last Tape is a play showing how man becomes a source of his own isolation and loneliness. Krapp lives in a secluded place, surrounded by machines which set his memory in motion. The artists say that Beckett’s message can be discerned at every stage of our lives, when everything acquires absurd forms. You can find a fragment of your own life and scraps of your own memory on Krapp’s tape.