During the 17. Theatre Confrontations Festival opening ceremony the static and respectable facade of the Post Ofce will for a moment lose both the static shape and its everyday formal character. The Litewski Square and the Post Ofce are important static points or many places and contexts. It is a place of manifestation of power and violence, their symbolic representation enclosed in stone and concrete statues. It is a place where lovers meet, but also a place where manifestations, disputes about values and the price of freedom take place. And the Post Ofce itself, the communicative relict of the paper era, the means through which the clerks inform us about their decisions and the only means of sending food to the ones in need or a love letter to your beloved. In this place soaked with contradictions, the collective kilku.com will take us on a short journey between light and darkness, stillness and movement, nothingness, unity and multiplicity. Illusion will get the place it deserves, next to what we consider as real/ and the light will be shed on signs of existence and will bring to life the worlds of potential and past beings. After the concert order will come back to the Litweski Square. Apparent order, as, even though we like to think that what exists – exists, and what does not – does not, our world too is only potential.