The makers from Akademia Ruchu write about their street actions:  It can be a reflection of the moment, the result of a direct reaction to a stimulus. It should be transformed in relation to time, space and social circumstances. To be a living variable as a result of group activity. The street is a field of shared social experience, so it is natural to mark the meeting point with the social. The language of the street action should contain, despite the multilayered nature of the message, the basic signs legible to everyone. It should be legible to the street as it is legible to us.
The action of Net takes place in two plans. It gives part of the audience a sense of participation in a ritual of spells that evoke and shape human experiences. Another sphere of action is its impact in the form of visual signs that signal the rapture and emotions of the community. Net raises the question of the durability of ideals, the fate of which may be dissolving into the elements of ideology.
Travel refers to communication difficulties. It talks about giving information as well as making information meaningful. It is about receiving information as well as removing meaning from information. The method of selecting and marking the space of communication may be more important than the agreement itself.