“Once there was” is a kind of monodrama. Witold Dąbrowski alone embodies several characters, including Shlemiel, Shlemiel’s wife, the wise man and others. He does not reach for professional, anyway hackneyed mimic tricks and gestures, he does not perform a series of etudés, his strength resides in his naturalness, in his spontaneity, in the joy he derives from playing and the audience can feel it, and his joy generates the energy of the show. Dąbrowski’s performing skills allow him to present each character in a clearly distinguishable way by means of the language they use and their manner of speaking, while a figure of the main protagonist, Shlemiel, is enriched additionally by movement and dance. And finally, the mimics – Dąbrowski is a master of mimics and the success of this monodrama is based on it”
(Grzegorz Józefczuk, “Gazeta w Lublinie”)