Nothing – nothing. Ontology on the margins of Leśmian is a journey through the main themes of Bolesław Leśmian’s literary output. The author makes a bold attempt to read afresh the works of one of the most important representatives of the interwar period in Poland. Ultimately, we are surprised by the great number of possible interpretations. The authors weaves a fine net of original parallels and surprising analogies. Particularly noteworthy is the iconographic material selected for the publication, which allows the author to expand the field of analysis of a particular theme. Thanks to these illustrations, the book sheds a light on the philosophical origin of the outstanding poet’s way of thinking.

The book is published by Centre for Culture in Lublin, a municipal institution which puts a strong emphasis on issuing valuable works as a part of its substantive activities. Previously published works i.a.:
– a new translation of “The Brothers Karamazov” by Cezary Wodziński – a book along with a DVD with the recording of the performance for Television Theatre;
– “Grappling with Dostoyevsky and Other Lublin Lectures” by Cezary Wodziński, edited by Piotr Augustyniak and Piotr Pękala
– Dragan Klaić “Resetting the Stage: Public Theatre Between the Market and Democracy”.

Preparing the publications, the Konfrontacje Teatralne team works with talented graphic designers from the collective – Idalia Smyczyńska and Robert Zając. For their design they won prestigious awards and prizes in Poland and internationally, including:
– 50 Books | 50 Covers 2017 – a competition organized by AIGA and Design Observer – “Theatre under Construction: Travelogue”;
– “Dobry Wzór” Award 2017 granted by the Institute of Industrial Design – “The Brothers Karamazov”;
– Gold in the category “Book Cover Single” in the European Design Ed-Awards 2016 – “The Brothers Karamazov”;
– Honourable mention in the competition for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2016 by the Polish Association of Book Publishers – “The Brothers Karamazov”;

The book will be distributed in selected bookshops in the largest cities in Poland located in cafes, museums, cultural institutions and will also be available for purchase through our website