Love plays a central role in literature, popular music, visual arts…and our aim is to look at this emotion from different points of view, consideration of several authors. Original production of the team from Divadlo Na zábradlí.

,,Until now it seemed that the very limited stage at Na zábradlí was fully used by the ideas of former artistic director of Na zábradlí Petr Lébl in the nineties. But architecture of Cpin’s stage designs for Hedonists and now for Obsession in a fascinating way continues with this spirit and even overcomes it.”
Marie Reslová, Hospodářské noviny, 4. 5. 2016

,,Obsession is unmissable thanks to its synthesis of physical and drama theater with visual impression.”
Saša Hrbotický, Aktuálně.cz, 5. 5. 2016

,,A very surreal atmosphere of Obsession connected my thoughts with visual experiences from early plays of Jan Antonín Pitínský and Petr Lébl.”
Dana Benešová-Trčková, Czech Television, 7. 5. 2016