Dennis Kelly is an unquestionable star in Great Britain and his dramas are compared to the ones by Sarah Kane and Edward Bond. His first play Debris, was well received by the critics after its premiere in London in 2003 at the 503 Theatre (Latchmere Theatre). In his plays he writes about the current political and social problems using a distinctive, sometimes harshly realistic style. He twists the seemingly realistic story, mocks it and laughs at it with bravado. “Osama the Hero” is a story about fear and ignorance, but also about perversions and private traumas of the representatives of the lower social classes which can drive them to acts of terrorism that can only be understood by people who plant bombs themselves. Kelly’s play can be read as a commentary to the politics of fear, class discrimination, social paranoia and the media’s obsession with terrorism which can lead to indifference. He also observes that our objective public debate has changed into angry, biased and judgmental monologues and that it may lead to a violent clash of societies stirred up by the media and politicians.
The IMKA Theatre was founded in Spring 2010 by Tomasz Karolak. Its performances are addressed to a wider audience for which theatre is something more than simply the source of entertainment. The performances produced by IMKA address important questions and provoke some reflection. The name of the theatre and its activity is a continuation of old Warsaw tradition, it has its seat in the pre-war seat of the international organization YMCA at 6 Konopnicka street.