Studio Theatrum was founded in December 1994 by professors of the Estonian Institute of Humanistic Studies (Lembit Peterson, Juhan Viiiding) and students of various Departments that participated in a theatrical project. The members of the Group began with studying the history of theatre and the analysis of drama. They were searching methodological inspiration in works of outstanding dramatists concerning the way of acting and techniques of directing. They also tried to examine the interrelations between their national theatrical tradition and the accomplishments of the World Theatre.
In performing, Studio Theatrum reaches out both to the text by Pushkin, Czekhov, Anouihl and to the traditional 12th century religious plays (Adam’s Play).
Pelleas and Melisanda is an attempt to check the position of the psychological theatre in contemporary art. The concept of Maeterlinck limiting the role of an actor in the poetic theatre to a puppet finds here a new and original interpretation.

The dominating colour is black but sometimes one can see a bit of white, green (Melisanda’s hair and a part of her dress) and red. The capacity of a small stage is utilised with an exceptional invention. The stage setting evokes emotions and is compact, laconic, and full of light and shadow (Lilian Vellerand)