Cezary Wodzinski – the philosopher, humanities professor. He runs The Research Group for Tranformation of Metaphysics in Conteporary Philosophy IFiS PAN. He was an editor of philosophical periodicals: „Aletheia”, „Bibiloteki Alethei” („Aletheia’s Libraries”), „Przegl?d filozoficzny” („Philosohical Survey”). An author of many dissertations and books. Wodzinski’s main interests are Shestov’s and Heidegger’s philosophy as well as metaphysics, phenomenology, hermeneutics and philosophy of dialogue. His lectures attract crowds, as his master’s – Józef Tischner before. Wodzinski says: „Just like Tischner, I’m not from Warsaw, nor form Cracow. I’m from Ublik [a village in northern Poland]. With Warsaw, where I lived for forty years, I was joined because of the people. Some of them are gone, some come visit me in Ublik, where one can talk better than in the city – at ease, less hasty. It is similar with Cracow. I used to get familiar with places through people. It is different now because I’ve settled by choice, in a rather lonely place… It is the choice of place that answers the question How to live?” Krzysztof Majchrzak reads selected fragments of Dostoyevsky.