“Recovered” is an attempt to translate a modality typical of a thematic collection or a private atlas, into the language of the theatre. The performance develops in the form of installations, in which the documents, slides, photographs, sound recordings and spoken word fragments evoke memories or initiate new phantasmal narrations. “Recovered” is a set of interconnected images which constitute a peculiar “collection” and suddenly take on new meanings; their arrangement in layers and “hybrid blocks” gives rise to a new whole that is invested with a strangely captivating quality. Like a conspiracy theory – some individual threads are interwoven with each other, some die out automatically, and those that have been found by the artist only in fragments unexpectedly end in a different place, or lead to yet another dead end. Stories that initially appear to be ordinary events eventually turn into a legend and vice versa – what is great and unique becomes bland, banal and not worth even being briefly mentioned. The most interesting things happen experience in the liminal of the universal and the personal – on the border between the grand narrative of history and the individual. If we allow our imagination to populate them with strange beings and objects, for instance, with mushrooms playing music, or perhaps with a photo of someone’s ancestor in a golden frame – suddenly a different world appears right in front of our very own eyes. On the one hand, the cracks suggest that it cannot exist, but on the other hand – why not?

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